Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages created and submitted for review by a panel of judges at competition. The drinks should be made in period style as assigned. Very often a lot of research is done ahead of submission, showing time taken and ingredients used to create the concoction submitted.

Various ingredients can change the taste, consistency, color, sweetness and benefits of the drink. The art of brewing is a fascinating one and enjoyed by many.

  • Mead – a alcoholic drink brewed with honey being the main fermentable sugar. In period, mead was originally about half grain but due to current classifications in modern times there can not be more than a quarter of the brew grain and meat is considered a wine in liquor laws.
  • Wine – a alcoholic beverage that is brewed with grapes as the main fermentable sugar. Modern classification can change if it is less than half grapes.
  • Cider – Made from the fermentation of fruit or fruit juice with apples as the main fruit. Modern classification can change if it is more than half grapes.
  • Cordial – is the flavoring of grain alcohol as the base and sweetening with either a simple syrup or honey. How they are made is similar to a tincture but made for enjoyment not medicinal.

All of these can be flavored using herbs, spices, other fruit, and wood during different parts of the brewing process.