About the Office

The baron and baroness are the representatives of Black Diamond to the nobility within the Kingdom and in other Kingdoms. They are responsible for fostering and encouraging all activities within the barony and recognizing the accomplishments of the populace of Black Diamond.

Baroness Alys and Baron Alonzo with their son

About the Baron and Baroness

Baron Alonzo Falcone and Baroness Alys d’Avignon are the current baron and baroness of Black Diamond. Baron Alonzo’s pronouns are he/him, while Baroness Alys prefers she/her.

Baronial Progress

They can be contacted via email:

Baron Alonzo Falcone – baron@blackdiamond.atlantia.sca.org

Baroness Alys d’Avignon – baroness@blackdiamond.atlantia.sca.org