Black Diamond has had a very strong and active archery program for
over a decade.

Target Archery

Target archery is open to anyone, including children (some
have started as young as three). Target archery uses “traditional” archery
equipment and eschews modern developments such as compound (hunting) bows, sights, and so on.

For those interested in target archery, it is encouraged to visit Atlantia’s target archery site at For information on baronial practices, see the Baronial Calendar.

Combat Archery

Black Diamond has a relatively large and active group of combat archers.
Using specialized arrows or bolts and bows or crossbows with strictly-enforced limits on strength, combat archers are often a pivotal force on any battlefield.

For those interested in combat archery, it is encouraged to check Atlantia’s
combat rules handbook. Combat archers are permitted to practice at the Blacksburg archery practice. See the Baronial Calendar for more information on this practice.

Thrown Weapons

(Coming soon)


Marshals are safety officers in the Society, responsible for understanding the rules and regulations dealing with their particular martial activity and making sure that all such rules are followed. These rules include weapon and armor standards as well as what actions are and are not allowed on the field. If there is ever confusion about the rules, a marshal for that discipline is a good place to start asking questions.