The following is a list of the awards that may be bestowed by the Baron and Baroness of Black Diamond. Through awards, Their Excellencies, the Baron and Baroness of Black Diamond, can recognize the service and accomplishments of the populace of Black Diamond.

If you wish to submit an award recommendation to Their Excellencies, please send the recommendation to and or use our Online Recommendation Form.

Arts & Sciences

Order of Minerva’s Fountain

Order of the Silver Crocus


Order of the Blade of Diana

Order of the Golden Guard

Order of the Sable Blade


Award of the Crystal Hourglass
Atlantian OP, More Information

Award of the Golden Wings of Icarus
Atlantian OP, More Information

Order of the Fettered Crane
Atlantian OP

Order of the Onyx Heart
Atlantian OP, More Information


Baron’s Award of Excellence

Baroness’ Award of Courtesy

Honorary Member of the Black Diamond Populace

Order of the Black Diamond

Order of the Crested Hatchling

Award of the Diamond Chip

Order of the Mother of Pearl

Order of the Polished Mirror

Order of the Silver Chalice