Armored combat simulates battlefield and dueling combat in the medieval time period. Combatants wear protective armor and fight with simulated swords, maces, pole arms, and spears. Armored combat is often considered iconic of the SCA in general, and is certainly among the first things that comes to mind when thinking of the Society.

For those interested in armored combat, it is encouraged to visit Atlantia’s combat rules page.

For information on baronial practices, see the Baronial Calendar.


Marshals are safety officers in the Society, responsible for understanding the rules and regulations dealing with their particular martial activity and making sure that all such rules are followed. These rules include weapon and armor standards as well as what actions are and are not allowed on the field. If there is ever confusion about the rules, a marshal for that discipline is a good place to start asking questions.

If you’re interested in becoming one, please contact the knight’s marshal at