January 28, 2017
Ice Castle XXXII
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Event Information



As winter's chill spreads, warm up with a day filled with fighting, feasting, and dancing. Join Black Diamond as she celebrates her thirty-second baronial birthday and investiture! Let's cheer Baron Girard and Baroness Maaline as they step down and welcome our new Baron and Baroness, Stefan and Evelynne, at their investure.


Feast & Food Information



Lunch will be provided by Chez De Sable. Cost for each serving is $5.oo and includes:

Hearty chicken, rice, and veggie stew
Fresh bread
Homemade cookies
Water, lemonade, and coffee

All proceeds will go to Chez de Sable and will be used for loaner gear for the new heavy combat and rapier fighters locally.


Feast Menu

Gerkhin Salat, Pickled Vegetables, Bread and Butter
French Onion, Savory Ham
Turkey done 2-ways (roasted/smoked), Sweet Potatoes, Peas
Ham with apple glaze, Squash, Brussel Sprouts done 2-ways (roasted/steamed)

This hearty feast is prepared by Lord Aurelianus Apicius Ursus, MKA Chip Miles. For questions call 520-406-3325 (any time 5-9PM). Please, register early to ensure a spot at feast. Feast is limited to 70 individuals.


Other food options

There are other places convenient to event site, such as Hardees, McDonalds, Wendy's, Sakura Japanese Steak and Seafood, Pizza Pasta Pit, and Abrakababra. Also, a Sheetz gas station, with M-T-O food and drink options, is within walking distance (0.4 mi).


Event Activities


Baronial Bardic Champion competition: This competition is to choose the next Baronial Bardic Champion for Black Diamond. Duties include running Bardic competitions for the Barony (especially the one to choose your successor), encouraging the bardic arts, and advising/supporting the Baron and Baroness in things bardic. Ability to travel is a plus. Entrants will perform before judges, and the top 2-3 will perform in a second round. The results will be reviewed by the incoming Baron and Baroness. Performances can but song, instrumental, storytelling, or other examples of the performing arts. Please keep them to 6 minutes or less. Documentation is encouraged. This begins following court next to the stage and ends at 1pm.

Open Bardic: An open bardic will begin an hour before court to entertain the populace as they await court. Please bring your favorite bardic piece to share with us.

Armored Combat

Armored will be 3 man tournament (best 2 out of 3), followed by a Bedford tournament. Time allowing and depending on turn out, melee-practice with line tactics may be offered. Pickups after tournaments.

For Questions regarding the fighting at the event and armored fighting, please contact the MIC Lord Cormac Kynnith, CormackKynnith-AT-gmail.com

Rapier Combat

9 AM:
Inspections begin, the field will be open for pickups. This is paused for morning court and resumed after.
11 AM:
Valhalla Melee - Everyone vs everyone. You die, you stay out until the person that killed you dies. Make alliances if you wish, but do not be surprised by a sudden and inevitable betrayal...
12 PM:
Team Battle/Cup of Life - Teams will be built on a point system. Each team has 6 points to use. Scholars and new auths will be worth 1 point, Free scholars 2 points, White Scarves 3 points, and MODs 4. Maximum of 5 people to a team. Cup of life with 6 rezzes per team. Double elimination.
2 PM:
Bedford Tourney - Standard Bedford points tournament. 5 rounds, most points wins.
3:30 PM:
Lord Humfrey Matthew Lovett will fight for his prize.
Blacksword Tourney immediately after (time permitting).

For questions regarding rapier, please contact the Rapier MIC Lord Alonzo Falcone, text 540 819 5376.


Come and Learn! Instructions provided. Kick up your heels and have fun! Starting at 1 pm and going until evening court and again after feast.

Arts & Sciences

Largess Competition: There will be a largess competition in the form of a Dirty Dozen. Entrants will make a dozen identical/similar items (i.e. 12 bracelets, pouches, favors, etc.) The winner will receive one of each of the entries and the rest go to the Baronage for largess.

Populace Dessert Competition: Each entry must be 24 or more servings. Populace vote will determine winner. We would like to encourage the populace to demonstrate their skills in desserts. If people are up to the challenge, we hope to see some subtleties.

Baronial Scribe / Scroll Wrangler Competition: This competition is for those who are interested in becoming the next baronial scribe (a champion) or a scroll wrangler for the new Baron and Baroness. The duties of a baronial scribe are as follows: The baronial scribe is responsible for coordinating the scribal activities within the various local scriptoriums of the Barony. This involves encouraging the scribal arts as well as coordinating award scroll assignments to scribes across the Barony. The baronial scribe also serves as personal scribe to Their Excellencies should the need arise. The duties for a scroll wrangler are to coordinate the award scroll assignments and trying to make sure those scrolls are at the correct events before court time. This does not mean you have to personally attend every event, only to make arrangements, so that the scrolls are there. Anything beyond that is optional, but encouraged. This is a two part competition with the top 2-3 candidates advancing to second round for a brief personal interview with the new Baron and Baroness, where you will have a chance to indicate whether you are interested becoming a champion or a wrangler. There is no theme to this competition. Since most scribes give away original completed scrolls, no originals are required to enter this competition, only color copies of your past work that you feel best shows your skills. Items that may prove beneficial beyond that, but not required, are original scroll blanks, color prints of the inspirations you used for your work, and any write-ups of the details about the works (original size of your work, materials you used, brief description of the original inspiration, etc).

Open Display: Show your beautiful works without judging. These can be works-in-progress or finished pieces. If you wish to get feed back from the populus, you can leave a small note book with your entry.

For questions about A&S please contact Lady Brianna O'Dinneen, Thlbrianna-AT-gmail.com

Youth Combat

Lady Helena de Berkeley is the youth Marshal for Ice Castle.

For questions regarding youth combat, please use her facebook (Lynne Berkeley)



If you have questions about reservations, Avelyn MacGregor (Cyndi Stevenson) can be emailed at clhstevenson-AT-gmail.com.

Preregistration period is over, but you will be warmly welcomed at the gate.

Checks should be made out to SCA Inc., Barony of Black Diamond. Please mail checks for reservations (include membership numbers, SCA names, modern names, and what is being reserved) to:

Cyndi Stevenson
733 Crystal Drive
Salem, VA 24153
  Site Fee Feast Camping
Adult (18+) Member $10 $8 no
Adult (18+) Non-member $15 $8 no
Child 6-17 $5 $8 no
Child 0-5 $0 $8 no

Local Accommodations

Some of the closer accommodations are listed here for your convenience, but there are many more to choose from in the area.

Hampton Inn Salem East-Electric Road, VA
1886 Electric Rd
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 776-6500

Distance from site: 1 mile

Comfort Suites Inn At Ridgewood Farm
2898 Keagy Rd
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 375-4800

Distance from site: 1.2 miles

Days Inn Salem
1535 E Main St
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 986-1000

Distance from site: 2.5 miles

Hampton Inn Salem
450 Litchell Rd
Salem, VA 24153
(540) 389-2424

Distance from site: 4.4 miles


Event Schedule


8:00 AM
Site opens for setup
9:00 AM
Site opens to everyone
10:00 AM
Morning Court
after court
Fighting, classes, merchants*, bardic and A&S competitions start
12:00 PM
Drop off for A&S Competitions ends
1:00 PM
Dancing starts - teaching provided for all dances. Continues until evening court.
4:00 PM
Fighting ends, Pick up all A&S projects, Open bardic begins.
5:00 PM
Evening Court
6:00 PM
After feast
Dancing resumes
11:00 PM
Site closes

Schedule is subject to change per HRM. Anyone on-site after 10:00 PM is assumed to be volunteering as clean-up crew.


* - Merchants Attending


Event Staff

Francesca di Corso

Event Autocrat

1524 Main St. SW, Roanoke, VA 24015

Phone: (704) 221-8130

E-mail: zoogirl-AT-hotmail.com

Aurelianus Apicius Ursus

Head Cook

520-406-3325 (5-9PM)

E-mail: ldursus-AT-gmail.com

Laura Graley de la Moore

Royal Liason

Phone: (540) 425-1079

E-mail: nomad_storm-AT-yahoo.com

Cormac Kynnith

Marshal in Charge

E-mail: CormackKynnith-AT-gmail.com

Site Information

Ice Castle XXXII will be held at the American Legion post 3, Salem, Virginia.

Site Restrictions: No pets are allowed, except service animals. Site is dry.

American Legion post 3
710 Apperson Dr
Salem, VA 24153

Click here for the Ice Castle XXXII Facebook Event Page (external site).



    From the Richmond area:

  • take your best route I-64 W / I-95 N / Richmond-Petersburg TpkeAt exit 79, take ramp right for I-64 West toward Charlottesville / Powhite Pkwy, Take ramp left for I-64 West / I-81 South toward Lexington / Roanoke, keep left onto I-81 S At exit 141, take ramp right for VA-419 toward New Castle / Salem, Turn right onto VA-419 S / N Electric Rd Keep straight onto US-11 ALT / US-460 ALT / VA-419, Bear left onto VA-419, Turn right onto US-11, Arrive at US-11 The American Legion will be on the left with a large lawn and driveway. The last intersection is Manchester Dr. If you reach S Yorkshire St, you've gone too far.
  • From the North:

  • Take your best route to I-81 South toward Roanoke, Keep straight onto I-64 W / I-81 S, Keep left onto I-81 S, At exit 141, take ramp right for VA-419 toward New Castle / Salem, Turn right onto VA-419 S / N Electric Rd, Keep straight onto US-11 ALT / US-460 ALT / VA-419, Bear left onto VA-419, Turn right onto US-11, Arrive at US-11, The American Legion will be on the left with a large lawn and driveway. The last intersection is Manchester Dr If you reach S Yorkshire St, you've gone too far
  • From the south:

  • Take your best route to I-81 North toward Roanoke, At exit 137, take ramp right for VA-112 toward Salem Turn right onto VA-112 S, Turn left onto US-11 / US-460, Turn right onto US-11 ALT / US-460 ALT, and then immediately bear right onto US-11 E ALT / US-460 E ALT, Bear right onto US-11 ALT / US-460 ALT, Turn right onto S Colorado St., Bear right onto US-11, Keep left to stay on US-11 Arrive at US-11 and the American legion will be on the Right with a large lawn and driveway, The last intersection is S Yorkshire St. If you reach Manchester Dr, you've gone too far