Kings Assessment
July 12-14, 2019


Come join us in the verdant valley of Black Diamond in the mountains of Atlantia for a weekend honing and polishing our skills for the war in the Debatable lands of Pennsic. All other activites will be geared toward puting our best feet forward at Pennsic.

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No snow in sight!


There will be heavy, rapier, combat archery, siege, and archery, plus A&S activities.
More detailed schedules will be posted as soon as possible


6:00pm - Gate opens
9:00pm - Gate closes
evening - Open bardic on stage under the shelter - everyone welcome to entertain OR be entertained.


8:00am - Gate Opens
9:00am - Authorizations
9:45am - A&S drop off (at main hall)
10:00am - Fighting, Archery, and Black Market starts
1:00pm - A&S judging starts
2:00pm - Gate closes
4:00pm - A&S closes (all entries need to be picked up)
5:00pm - Court
After court - Feast
After feast - There will be a Ball and a Bardic circle after feast (see A&S activites for more details)


12:00pm - Site closes

Martial Activities

Armored, rapier, combat archery, seige, and archery are all planned for the day.


Armored heavy field will include scenarios such as:
- bridge battle
- open field battle
- gate/town battle


Rapier schedule will be as follows:
9:00am - Authorizations/inspection
10:00am - 3 man bear pit to determine melee team
11:00am - Blacksword tournament
1:00pm - Broken field battle 20 minutes ran best two out of 3
2:00pm - Mountain Pass scenario to be determined
3:00pm - Open field battle
4:00pm - Pickups until field closes


Archery schedule will be as follows:
9:00am - Inspections, loaner gear issued, warm-up target available.
10:00am - Range opens. Demonstration Gwyntarian Winter Challenge shoot; four targets at 20 yards. Royal Rounds available in the warm-up lane.
12:00pm - Minions Prize Shoot, six devilish target sets at different scoring/difficulty levels for senior, and for regular or youth archers. As the range is narrow, we will have to do a reset half-way through, so late-comers cannot compete for prizes though they may still shoot a partial course for fun. Prizes to be awarded as soon as the competition ends. Royal Rounds available in the warm-up lane.
~2:00pm - Free shooting at Minions or other novelty targets. Removed Minions targets could be reset upon request. Royal Rounds available in the warm-up lane.
4:00pm - Range closes

Multiple creative challenges will be offered, and glorious prizes will be awarded to the winners of the day. Top-quality loaner gear courtesy of the Shire of Isenfir and House Mallard Lodge will be available. We will offer bows from 9 to 42 pounds, plenty of arrows in appropriate weights and lengths, quivers, and leathers for (hopefully) all sizes of archers.

Marshals-in-Training are welcome, but must must contact Lord Mungo Napier at at least two weeks before the event.

Arts & Sciences Activities

9:45am - A&S drop off
1:00pm - A&S judging starts
4:00pm - A&S closes (all entries need to be picked up)
During Feast: - "Princess Power" garb challenge

Competitions and challenges:
- Novice (any media, but you must have been doing the form of art for less than 1 year). This competition will be using the standard judging forms. Prize: a set of feast gear. Sponsored by Lady Francesa di Corso
- Atlantian (blue and white) largess . Entrants may enter 1 or multiple items, how many items of largess are entered is up to the entrant. Winner determined by their Majesties. All entries donated to Their Majesties at the end of the competition. Prize will be $25 gift card to Michaels. Sponsored by Laura de la Moore.
- "Princess Power" garb challenge. The goal is to create a outfit inspired by a powerful princess either historical or fiction. You may wear the outfit yourself or have someone model it for you at the garb runway. All are invited to participate. The theme of Princess Power is not limited to Seamstresses only. If you are a Tailor and have been inspired by a historical or fiction Princess show us what the male version of your vision is. Be prepared to explain your inspiration and various elements of your outfit. Outfits can be sewn by teams or individuals before the event and presented on site for the runway. Bonus points if it is taken from fiction but infused with historical correctness. Sponsored by St. Anne’s Guild of Clothiers, by request of Her Highness Signy and permission of Her Majesty Adelhait.

- Fiber Solar
- Brewer's Round Table - under the dance/bardic pavillion 2pm - 3pm
- Scribal Solar

Performing arts:

11:30am - 12:30pm - Beginner-level dance class
12:30pm - 1:00pm - LUNCH BREAK
1:00pm - 2:00pm - More dancing - focusing on some of the most common dances at Pennsic balls
2:00pm - 4:00pm - Bardic challenges

Bardic challenges:
- Challenge 1: A Song or Poem inspired by our Princess. Mistress Finnech inghean Labhrainn challenges the bards of Atlantia to come forth and perform a piece inspired by Her Royal Highness, Princess Signy.
- Challenge 2: First Time Performance/First Time Performing. Master Johann von Solothurn has issued a challenge for first time performances. This challenge is to perform a piece that is new to you, that you have never performed for an audience before. This challenge also goes out to those who have never performed before. Period pieces and original compositions are encouraged, and will net you his personal token and extra bragging rights!
NOTE: These are not competitions. These are personal challenges to each bard who would meet them. Every performance is a winner, and so is the audience!
RULES:Performances should be limited to 5 minutes or less, including introductions. A signup sheet for the bardic challenges will be available at Troll and by the stage. If performance slots for a specific challenge fill up, you are welcome to sign up as an alternate. If time remains after those who have signed up have performed, additional performances from alternate slots or the audience will be welcomed.

3:30pm - 4:15pm - at the bottom of the Poetry Walk - Forbidden Dances: A Secret Class Teaching Grossly Out-of-period Dances We Don't Do Anymore and Should Never Speak of Again
After feast bardic - location to be agreed upon by bards/musicians after feast. Each person is highly encouraged to bring a chair/blanket/etc. of choice to sit upon, since seating may not be readily available at the location.


Feast will be prepared by Lady Mariorie Matheson. Feast limited to 40 seats. Please pre-register early to ensure a place at the table.


1st remove: Bread, Butter, Cheese, and Fresh Fruit
2nd remove: Blancmange (chicken with rice) and a salat (salad) of roots
3rd remove: Pompys (beef meatballs in sauce) a sallet of greens, and macaroni (period mac and cheese)
Dessert: Persian cookies


Laura de la Moore
Event Autocrat

Kristen Moore
125 Primrose Lane
Amherst, VA 24521

Meriorie Matheson
Head Cook

Shayna Wooldridge
(434) 426-2147 (text message)

Francesca di Corso
A&S coordinator

Kelly Prim

Aldemere Mac Rafe

Allen Foster

Roland Shelnut
Rapier MIC

Nick Shelnut

(434) 603-0719

Mungo Napier
Target Archery Marshal

Garth Groff



  Site Fee Camping Feast (per seat)
Adult $15 $0 $10
Adult, Member Discount $10 $0 $10
Youth (5-17) $5 $0 $10
Child (0-4) $0 $0 $10

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Black Diamond.
Questions about your reservation? Please, contact Laura de la Moore (Kristen Moore)

Kristen Moore
125 Primrose Lane
Amherst, VA 24521

Kings Assessment is now on PayPal!

If you wish to register for the even using PayPal, the following link will take you to the registration page.



Sedalia Center
1108 Sedalia School Road
Big Island, VA 24526

All animals must be on a leash and cleaned up after.
No animals in the buildings.
All fires must be in above-ground fire pits.
Site is wet.


From Lynchburg
From the north side: Travel north on Route 501 through Coleman Falls to Big Island. Turn left onto Route 122. Travel south for 6.3 mil
From the south side: Travel west on Route 460 toward Bedford/Roanoke. Exit onto Route 122N at Bedford. Travel north (toward Big Island) for approximately 11.5 miles. Turn left at the Sedalia Country Store onto Route 638 (Sedalia School Road). Sedalia Center is on the left side.

From Bedford
Travel north (toward Big Island) on Route 122 for 11.5 miles. Turn left at the Sedalia Country Store onto Route 638 (Sedalia School Road). The Center is 500 yards further on the left.

From Charlottesville
Travel south on Route 29 out of Charlottesville toward Lynchburg. Remain on Route 29 into Madison Heights and turn right onto Route 130. Travel west on Rout 130 to the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance. Turn right onto the exit ramp, then left onto the Parkway. Follow the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Big Island exit. Turn left onto the exit ramp, then right onto Route 501. Follow Route 501 approximately 5 miles and then turn right onto Route 122 and travel south approximately 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn right onto Sedalia School Road; the Center will be 500 yards further on your left.

From West Virginia
Travel east on Route 64 to Route 81. Follow 81 south to exit 188A at Buena Vista. Take exit 188A, which becomes Route 60. Follow Route 60 east into Buena Vista. Turn right onto Route 501. Travel Route 501 south, cross the James River and then proceed into Big Island. Turn right onto Route 122 and travel south on Route 122 for 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn right onto Sedalia School Road, the Center is 500 yards further on the left side.

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